The 1950 French GP at Reims-Gueux

1950 French GP: By the Facts

July 2, 1950.  64 laps × 4.856 miles = 310.785 miles.  Weather: hot and sunny.  Pole: Fangio; 2:30.6 (Alfa Romeo).  Fast Race Lap: Fangio; 2:35.6 on lap 7 (Alfa Romeo).

As a note, oddly, in this race, the pole position lap is considerably quicker than the fastest race lap.  Perhaps my earlier observation–that driver’s were still learning–due to the lack of simulators.  Even still, it is difficult to explain a disparity of 5 seconds between pole and fastest race lap.  I am going to need to keep an eye on how this trend develops.

1950 French GP: Podium

  1. Juan Manuel Fangio (Alfa Romeo)
  2. Luigi Fagioli (Alfa Romeo)
  3. Peter Whitehead (Privateer)

Race Commentary

The Talbot-Lago‘s overheated due to radiator problems.  This permitted the Alfa Romeo’s to dominate, again.  Ferrari had entered their new V12 in the race, but realized that it could not compete.  Consequently, they withdrew prior to the race.  Fangio won with a 30 second lead over Fagioli.  However, Whitehead, in third place, was three-laps back.  This is a huge podium spread when compared with modern Formula 1.

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