Finally, Scuderia Ferrari Wins: 1951 British GP

Alfa Romeo’s Winning Streak Is Broken

Ferrari quickly discovered the key to success in Formula 1–constant development.  On July 14, at the 1951 British Grand Prix, Ferrari experienced their inaugural Formula 1 Championship victory.  It was a mild and dry day for the race.  José Froilán González sat on pole with a time of 1:43.4 around the 2.888 mile lap.  I was able to find some footage of this race.  It still throws me to see three cars on the front row at these Grand Prix.  According to the commentary I have been able to find, the crowd was well-aware of this being a showdown between Scuderia Ferrari and Alfa Romeo.

The surprise here, however, in spite of Ferrari’s constant development, it would later be discovered that González was using an older chassis.  But, even still, Ferrari would never have made up ground so quickly had they not gone through so many variations on their chassis between 1950 and mid-1951.  But, I leave you with an video illustrating the epic-ness that is Formula 1:

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