Scuderia Ferrari’s Continues its Dominance:1951 Italian GP

Traditional Scuderia Ferrari logo

Traditional Scuderia Ferrari logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On September 16, 1951, the Italian powerhouses of Scuderia Ferrari and Alfa Romeo arrived for the XXII Grand Premio D’Italia–the 1951 Italian Grand Prix in Monza, Italy.  The Grand Prix would take place over 80 laps, on the 3.915 miles circuit.  As previously discussed, the track is much like today’s with two important differences: (1) no chicanes; and (2) replace parabolica with two right-angle turns.  I have not gotten a clear report on the weather, but presumable, it was warm and sunny.  Though, I am ignorant American and I have no clue what that part of Italy is like in September.  But, I digress, pole position went to Juan-Manuel Fangio with a time of 1:53.2.  Nobody could come close to this time in the race.  The next quickest, in the race, was 1:56.5 for Farina, also in an Alfa Romeo 159.  Ferrari came out swinging with Fangio, Farina, Bonetto, and Graffenreid.  Alfa Romeo swung back with their heavy-hitters: Ascari, Villoresi, Gonzalez, and Taruffi.

The entire race would be a duel between Alfa Romeo and Ferrari.  Nobody else in the field could touch these guys this year.  Fangio led the first few laps.  Ascari overtook.  Fangio retook the lead, but his fuel-hungry Alfa Romeo, had to pit.  Ascari led the latter-half of the race and was able to bring home the third-straight victory for Ferrari.

I never know how long these will stay up, but I was able to find a bit of Italian footage: