Ooops, totally forgot the 1953 Indy 500

As I have mentioned before, the Indianapolis 500 oval race was included in the initial years of the Formula 1 championship.  As I have discussed in the posts about the 1950-1952 races, there was little crossover and the European Grand Prix community never truly accepted this uniquely American way of racing into their championship.  Consequently, there was little crossover in terms of regular Formula 1 teams participating in the May race.  Also as previously noted, the FIA and AAA could never agree on a uniform set of rules, so the 1953 Indianapolis 500 did not include any F1 team entries.  Accordingly, I totally forgot to even post about it.  But, the goal of the project is to, in some manner, address every Formula 1 race.  So, there is–again–one terrible and one decent clip of the race, so I will leave it at that, this year.