The 1954 British GP at Silverstone

Froilan Gonzalez demonstrating a Ferrari 500 a...

Allegedly, Froilan Gonzalez demonstrating a Ferrari 500 at the 2000 Coys International Historic Festival; however, I’m not convinced it’s not a 3 inch man driving a model car. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Reflecting on project: GP Evolved.

So, it has been a couple months of writing.  And so far, so good.  I am finding the project rewarding.  Moreover, I sincerely hope that I can bring my sense of excitement regarding early F1 to the pages of GP Evolved.

When I started this project, I hoped that it would continue.  But, honestly, I did not sure if I would stick with GP Evolved for more than a couple seasons.  Certainly, I have always entertained a fantasy of being at the pinnacle of a graph juxtaposing age and knowledge.  But, that’s really ancillary to what I am really after.  If I am honest, my real desire is much more nostalgic.  I want to experience the past.  Rather simplistic, and I never expected me to be the type, but I am getting the sense that’s what I am really after.  But it’s not just that, I want to bring the annals of Formula 1 alive to a completely new audience.  But, at this point, what is most clear, is that project GP Evolved remains in its infancy.  So, most of all, I hope you’ll check back periodically to watch the evolution in action.

The 1954 British Grand Prix.

Well, so much for Mercedes-Benz continuing their dominance.  It is my understanding, that the real story was that the Merc W196 was experiencing a combustible concoction of speed and lift.  The tires were literally being pulled off the road.  Well, I don’t think it was quite that pronounced; but, you get the point.  In any event, reports suggest the obtuse Silverstonian corners were difficult to judge.  Fangio, himself, collided with several oil barrels, but ‘kept on keeping on.’

The ’54 British GP was a cold and wet affair.  Basically, José Froilán González took charge and led the entire race. I’ll leave it at that and let you check out the footage.  It’s even got a bit of production value.