1955 Dutch GP: A Final Moment of Innocence.

So, I got the posts out of order.  However, it has worked out fortuitously.  In a sense, the 1955 Dutch GP stands as a final beam of sunshine before the tragedy at Le Mans put a dark cloud over the entire racing community.  After Levegh launched into the crowd, things would never quite be the same.  The 1955 tragedy is one of those “no take back” moments where the people involved are forever changed.  The golden image of racing would soon be prominently stained.

To get to my point, the 1955 Dutch GP, to me, is this last moment of innocence before things changed…forever.  What makes this video fantastic, is its timing.  Rarely am I able to find publicly available videos which were contemporary and not season summaries.  Thereby, this video gives a final nod to the innocence that would be betrayed by the tragedy at Le Mans.

For example, the commentary mentions Mike Hawthorn.  He is the driver frequently blamed, rightly or wrongly, for the incident.  Watching it, it just gives me an eerie feeling.  It’s been my hope that recreating these races would create a story…like an epic novel, for me.  I hoped to find a story with real characters and real events, that I could relate to.  And, finally, after five seasons of posts (in GP Evolved time), I am really staring to relate to the lives of these great drivers, these piloti.

So, take a few minutes to see the final Grand Prix before the tragedy at Le Mans, 1955