1955 British GP: Tis nobler to pursue speed, right?

I cannot imagine what it would have been like to attend the 1955 British Grand Prix, the first Grand Prix following the disaster at Le Mans.  To be more precise, I cannot know what it would have been like to attend the 1955 British Grand Prix.  What was the mood like?  How do you carry on in the face of tragedy like that?  Why does the pursuit of ultimate quickness always keep the races marching on? Or, is it just about the money?

I want to grok the essence of these races.  But, the events are too distant.  The deeper I reach, the thicker the shroud surrounding these events.  Conflicting accounts abound with the day’s mood forgotten.  At first this project began with me utilizing whatever free information was publicly available about the races.  But, I did not feel I was truly grokking what happened.  So, recently, I have been reading a number of books in an attempt to immerse myself in the details of mid-1950’s Grands Prix racing.  Even still, I do not feel like I can ever truly understand what these early races were like.  And so, this is the difficulty of answering the question of whether the pursuit of speed was a noble quest or one of self-interest and greed.

But, I believe GP Evolved to be a worthy endeavor.  And so, I will continue, digging up the past and relating the narrative of GP Evolved.  It will not be pieced together like a completed puzzle.  But rather, the narrative will be disjointed as if a mosaic.  The next piece of that mosaic is the 1955 British Grand Prix.

1955 British Grand Prix.

I discovered that I could use iMovie to bring some video to GP Evolved.  This is my first stab at video editing.  I promise it will improve moving forward.  This was more of a ‘proof of concept’ to make sure I had the basic ability to host an edited video from the software I already had.  And so, the proof of concept was successful.  Hopefully, there will be some more interesting video to come down the line.  And my apologies for this video. *Wink*