About the project.

Let me say this up front, my Formula 1 knowledge is limited.  I have been a casual observer of the sport since late 2004, but have only been a serious spectator for three or four years.

I remember the exact moment that the seed was planted in my head for GP Evolved.  My wife and I were talking about which movie to watch on Netflix.  We decided on a documentary.  Senna, we saw along time ago, but Netflix is convinced that we have not, but must, watch it.  We wondered whether it had been long enough to watch it again.  Then, I said something to the effect of, “I wish I really knew F1, like all of it…I wonder what it would have been liked to have your heart ripped out when Senna was killed.”  I consider this to be the moment when the seed was planted that would grow into GP evolved.

I had a second, but key, realization a short time later.  I realized that their is a quantifiable number of Formula 1 races; and, each race has a record.  It’s not like football or basketball, where there are simply too many teams competing in too many matches to every feasibly recount.  In other words, I realized that one could, in theory, start from race one and recount each and every Grand Prix – thereby retelling the entire story of the sport.  From there, GP Evolved was born.

My goal is to watch, or read about, an account of the every single official Grand Prix of the Formula 1 Championship — one race at a time.

GP Evolved Author Photo

On the one hand, I cannot watch each race tabula rasa. Inherently, I am already aware of the ‘endpoint,‘ which is modern Formula 1.  However, insofar as it is possible, I want to experience the evolution of Formula 1, one race at a time.  I want to keep a record, from my naive perspective, of the totality of Formula 1.  Now, this is an intensive project, so I am just contemplating completing the initial era of Formula 1 right now.  But, my true hope is that  amassing the greater narrative of these races will add up to something meaningful.  Perhaps that is presumptuous, but I am hoping that the corpus of these posts will teach me something greater about mans’ quest to be ultimately quickest.  And so, one race at a time, I intend on slogging my way through the annals of Formula 1’s nuanced history.

I thank you for visiting my blog.  I hope you will share my passion for Formula 1 and motorsport history by checking back from time to time.  My goal is that you can check back from time to time to see how motorsport has evolved.  The story will be on-going and I promise to do my best to keep it interesting.

Thank you for visiting.

Travis Turner