An Annotated Summary.

My Process.

For the sake of transparency, I thought that I would outline my process for covering each race. Following that, I have included an informal annotated bibliography so that others may benefit from a list of sources. More importantly, credit must be given where it is due. I was born in 1983; thus, I did not experience any of these events first-hand. So, the following is a general catch-all list of my main sources of gathering information.

In terms of my process, I typically go to Wikipedia for a general summary. I take some notes on what I can, and then go to YouTube. YouTube is my second stop because if video is available, it completely changes how I approach and write the race summary. Third, is my second level of research. If I get lucky, I can find an ESPN F1 article. If not, and are my next sources of choice, though they present the information differently. After that, I look for anything else unique readily available on the interwebz. Finally, depending on how much I have, I may or may not go my small, but growing, Formula 1 library (I use library sarcastically, as most of my F1 library is currently stacked on my nightstand).


  • Wikipedia: I have never found Wikipedia as wrong as often as people suggest. That is, until I started GP evolved. For a variety of reasons, too involved to discuss here, Wikipedia generally gets many details wrong. However, as it provides more information in one spot than any other sites, it is my first-stop for an overview.
  • The gold-standard of race summaries. In fact, this is so often the only source of a proper race summary, that it becomes challenging to find a new angle to present the information. But then again, that is the entire challenge presented to GP evolved.
  • ChicaneF1: If data, numbers, statistics, or records are what you are seeking, look no further than this site. I am constantly in awe of the overwhelming amount of information that can be gathered here.
  • Formula 1: The official F1 website is only occasionally of use. Personally, I see the failure of the FIA and FOM (Formula One Management) to adequately preserve the sport’s heritage as a legitimate criticism. That being said, I still learn what I can from the site.
  • ESPN F1: This used to be an independent website, which was obtained by the ESPN franchise a few years back.


  • A list of my books is forthcoming in the next few days — June 7, 2013.