You Don’t Capture Fangio; Fangio Kidnaps You.

On Saturday evening before the race, Fangio was in the lobby of a joint known as the Hamilton Hotel doing what he does best – being a legend. Well, he was shooting the breeze with some mechanics. All of the sudden a young man, later identified as Manuel Uziel ,pressed the cold steel of a .45 caliber into Fangio’s side.

The 1957 Pescara GP: Dark Spots of Motorsport History

I just get the sense that the last race, the 1957 German Grand Prix, really was the old man’s last gasp. I think he may have hung himself too far out there, seen he was over the edge, and become afraid. I do not know this for certain. However, I see something magical about the ’57 German Grand Prix being his opus, from which he had neither nothing else to prove, nor anything else to give.